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KristAnna Scene GIFSET 2

Ok look at his face in the first gif, he’s looking straight ahead, serious face, like ok I’m gonna be hardass about this so it doesn’t hurt, let’s just get this over with but then SHE SPEAKS. And it’s all over for him.

Ok, fine, but his face in the last gif, oh my GOD, the agony!

Okay, but what about Anna? Look at her expression and the way her eyes shift in gifs 4 and 5. For the first time, she’s really questioning if she should be going to Hans. Maybe it’s the wrong thing to do. He says “don’t worry about me.” Look at her eyes in in the sixth gif. Yes, she’s scared about her rapidly freezing body, but the way she looks at him… she’s scared about him. She’s not so sure he actually will be okay. And in the last gif, she’s not just closing her eyes. She’s willing herself not to cry. 

It just really clicked that her head is right there over his heart like… do you think she could hear his heart beat? ‘cause I’m sure while his face looked relatively calm, he certainly wasn’t.

But that last gif though. She hears her name, she knows he is about to leave and there is a part of her not wanting for him to leave. There is a part of her that wants to keep listening to his heart beat, to sit in his arms, to make more snarky comments, to venture across the mountains with him; to just be with him. But she knows she has to leave, she has to go, it’s the only way….or so she thinks.

In the third gif, look at the way her head instinctively leans into his body once he smiles at her. Up until then (and you see it in the first two gifs), she’s sort of holding herself away, unsure of how close she can be. But Kristoff’s smile… it’s so tender, so adoring, it’s almost an invitation. She can relax because he genuinely cares. So she does. She gives in. And that’s when the questioning starts. Why do I feel so safe with him? Why am I terrified of him leaving forever? What does this all mean? What if this isn’t right? What if Hans isn’t right?